Huizhou prepares for new airport terminal

Huizhou Airport’s new terminal is expected to be completed by the end of this month. As of July 31, passenger throughput has exceeded 1.5 million this year. This will jump to 2.5 million after the new terminal is officially put into operation, by the end of year, according the Huizhou Municipal Transportation Bureau. 

Currently, Huizhou Airport has 12 airlines offering 36 flight routes to connect 31 cities around the country, while cargo and courier handling capacity reached 4679.6 tons, up 45.6% and 59.1% respectively. The airport’s existing capacity has reached its maximum.

The expansion project began last year which includes the building of a 16,300 square meter, three-storey new terminal, upgrading the current domestic departure lounge into an international one and expanding the international freight warehouse and supporting facilities. The airport has already added three new parking bays and relocated a 1,800 square meter freight station, which have already been put into operation.

The glass structure of the new terminal is eco-friendly and affords passengers a sweeping view of the runway. It is not only bigger and offers more functionalities but has also added four new boarding bridges.

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