Huizhou plans new 100b yuan cluster

Huizhou is building a new industrial park in its Huiyang district that will be generating 100 billion yuan in output within the next 5-8 years, local media reported the city’s government as saying. Clustered on the district’s Sanhe street, it will actually be a collection of buildings and production facilities: Huiyang Xiangling Intelligent Science and Technology Industrial Area, Huaxia-Shunze Information Industry Cluster Area, and Wandong Wisdom Valley Industrial Area.

The cluster is expected to be comparable to Huizhou’s three National Industrial Parks: Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhongkai High-Tech Zone and China South Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park. These will also be boosted with the addition of new industrial projects, and by aggregating other industrial parks currently scattered around the city’s 11,000 sq km of land.

Although Huizhou had a tough 2019, with GDP growth falling behind the GBA average at 4.8%, the Huiyang district has been growing fast (industrial output +6.6% in first three quarters) and pulling in new investments. In 2019, 28 projects were signed with a total planned investment of 9.821 billion yuan. Among these, 12 are high-tech projects worth 3.8 billion yuan, and 11 are relocation projects from Shenzhen with a total investment of 5.948 billion yuan. Partly because of these growth drivers, Huizhou is targeting a rebound to 6% overall growth in 2020.

The district’s primary focus is on the Xiangling Intelligent Technology Industrial Park, with 19 projects contracted at a total investment of 47.17 billion yuan. These are expected to add 50 billion yuan of annual output to Huiyang after completion.

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