Huizhou boosted by Shenzhen’s railway plans

Yesterday we reported that China Railway Corp and the provincial government had approved a master plan for the Shenzhen railway network that will run until 2030. 

While those in Zhuhai have been clinking baijiu glasses at the part of the plan showing how the Shenzhen-Zhuhai Intercity Railway will cut travel time down to an hour, it has also offered a glimpse into the potential route of the future Shenzhen-Huizhou Intercity Rail, set to start construction by 2022. 

According to the masterplan, the intercity rail will begin from Shenzhen’s Xili Station in Nanshan District, a major hub station, and travel north east to end at the Huizhou Station. 

The Shenzhen-Zhuhai Intercity Rail also starts from Xili Station and goes westbound to Zhuhai. So people in Zhuhai and Huizhou will likely be seeing more of each other in the not-too-distant future.

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