Huawei’s secret weapon profiled

SCMP has a fascinating profile of a top Huawei executive, one of three women in senior roles at the company. Teresa He Tingbo, president of the wholly-owned chipmaking subsidiary HiSilicon, has emerged in the spotlight after she recently described the preparations made by her team over many years to ensure Huawei’s operations would not be disrupted by a black swan event, like the one it is currently facing from the US blacklisting.

HiSilicon, which saw revenue expand an estimated 34.2 per cent last year, is expected to surpass Taiwanese fabless semiconductor firm MediaTek to become the largest chip design company in Asia.

As the article explains, He compared her team’s efforts over the years to create a “spare tyre” to being the “most tragic and heroic Long March in the history of science and technology”.

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