Huawei unveils Smart Screen

Chinese telecommunication equipment maker Huawei’s sub-brand Honor officially has released its new product – Honor Smart Screen, marking its first foray into the smart TV market. This is Huawei’s first terminal product equipped with its new Harmony operating system, according to the local press. 

Honor Smart Screen has a 55-inch and 4K display, for the first time carrying the Huawei-developed Honghu 818 smart chip, NPUAI camera chip and Hi Silicon Wi-Fi chip. 

Honor Smart Screen could be a revolution in home entertainment industry, the company belieges. “Smart screen is not TV, but the future of TV,” said Zhao Ming, president of Huawei Honor. “In the past, TV used to be the center of home, but nowadays, smart phones do basically everything while TV is only for visual entertainment. With this move, TV will occupy the center of the home again,” he added. 

The standard version costs RMB3,799 and the PRO version is RMB4,799. “In short-term, the sales probably wouldn’t be very high, but in long-term, the prospect is rather promising.” said household appliance industry observer Liu Buchen.

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