Huawei happy about 5G launch

The question of whether (or when) Huawei Technologies is likely to collapse continues to weigh on the minds of many. As we have pointed out before, it’s not a small consideration, given how important Huawei is for the tech hub of Shenzhen, let alone the country. We didn’t know until today, thanks to the SCMP, that Huawei probably accounts for 10% of Shenzhen’s entire economy. That is incredible.

The word “plucky” doesn’t begin to describe Huawei, and it seems seldom a day goes by without the company saying something about how it is coping with the ban imposed on it by the US government. On Friday, Huawei announced that it has secured 46 overseas contracts for 5G networking equipment, which would translate to more than 100,000 base stations being exported this year, making it the clear leader in the field. Today the company said it would fully support China’s quest to lead the deployment of 5G networks around the country.

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