Huawei gains share while iPhones slump

Shenzhen-based tech giant Huawei was kicking the proverbial butt of its chief American competitor in smartphones before the US decided to place it on a blacklist, latest data from tech research firm Gartner shows.

In Q1, Huawei smartphones took 15.7% of the global market, narrowing the lead of #1 maker Samsung (19.2%) and ahead of Apple, whose iPhone slipped further behind in third place (11.9%). Huawei shipped 58.4 million units, up from 40.4 million in Q12017, thanks to growth in Europe (+69%) and Greater China (33%). Apple’s fell by 9.5 million units in the same YoY comparison.

The other two Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Dongguan-based OPPO and Vivo, ranked fourth and fifth, slightly increasing their market share.

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