Hongkongers vote with wallets

One of the SCMP’s bigwigs recently posted the rhetorical question of whether Hong Kong has a silent majority or a terrified minority suffering through the protests in, well, silence and terror. His hunch was based on people writing, as well as those yearning to write,  anonymous Letters to the Editor.

We will never know how many people there really are in this minority group.  Lacking a really thorough market-research survey, all we can go with is anecdotes, such as those from agents talking about how many people are buying overseas properties to get Golden Visas. SCMP has another one today that is worth reading. Even though no one should confuse it with hard evidence of a sizeable percentage of the population.

Who will step up and do such a survey? Come on, SCMP. There must be plenty of students who would welcome the standard HK$60 an hour fee to poll people who are not joining the marches. Unless they are all in the marches themselves, that is.

It would be really interesting to know. We keep hearing that there are large numbers of people turning against the protests. If so, it would be helpful to see the evidence.

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