Hong Kong Wrap: 11/10

Hexit: More than 40% of Hongkongers want to emigrate, according to a new survey. Read more

Swim canceled: The Harbor Race swim is the latest victim of the protests, as its October 27 event has been canceled. Read more.

Unhappy in HK: Happiness levels are plunging in Hong Kong, amid ‘alarming’ stats for mental health. Read more.

Young, not innocent: More than one third of those arrested in the protests are younger than 18, the police admit. Read more.

Apple winces: Apple CEO Tim Cook has defended the company’s decision to pull the app from its store that let protesters track police movements. Read more.

Central jammed: Hong Kong’s main business district saw a record number of people take their lunchtime break to march today. They went back to their desks afterward, of course. Read more.

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