HK exports plunge again

Economic news today is not all about resilience in the GBA. Hong Kong’s exports are way down in July, despite those from its GBA counterparts being mostly up. We don’t know why; we need someone from the TDC to explain it. Anyway, here is the SCMP’s article on it.

The SCMP also has some interesting analysis today on economic conditions in Hong Kong, China and the US that are worth reading. Tom Holland’s column today is important for anyone who questions the dollar peg; Andy Xie, meanwhile, takes a hard look at the US, where he sees President Trump deciding policy based on what is good for the stock market, and little else; and David Brown argues that what the world needs more of is less neoliberalism. Which is  what China has been focused on over the past decade, we would argue, and is clearly prepared to continue doing for the foreseeable future.

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