Guangzhou ups ante, again

The Guangzhou Government has recently released 19 measures to “optimize the environment for talent development in an all-round way,” apparently making it the first city in the Greater Bay Area to adopt a “strategic approach to talent retention”.

Just so that readers are not confused, this is nothing to do with young innovators from Hong Kong and Macau, which we reported on last week. Today it’s about any geniuses – high-end talents they are called. Apparently, Guangzhou is prepared to lure over the next three years as many as 30,000 of the right candidates with rent-free apartments and – get this – “startup funding” with an interest-free line of credit of up to RMB20 million each.

This is not to say that bright young things are not welcome to apply. Guangzhou will, in fact, be scouring the local universities and research institutes, hoping to find geniuses that need assistance to transform their scientific and technological research into commercialized products. The city will also explore the possibility of including “outstanding students” from the leading universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Moreover, the right candidates may even be provided funding for living expenses and international travel expenses to pursue doctorate degrees overseas.

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