Guangzhou unveils 3-year 5G plan

Guangzhou has released a three-year action plan to accelerate the development of 5G, which is faster than even Shenzhen’s. By the end of the year, the provincial capital will have 20,000 base stations working, covering most of the city’s key business hubs. That compares to Shenzhen’s planned 8,500 base stations by the end of this year. Moreover, Guangzhou has set a three-year target of 65,000 base stations, compared to 45,000 in Shenzhen. 

The differences are largely due to their respective geographic size – Shenzhen squeezes its 13 million residents into a smaller space than Guangzhou does with its 14 million. Both will ensure “comprehensive coverage” across their urban areas by 2021.

Guangzhou is not going to be left behind in applications or software development by Shenzhen, either. The city’s plan envisages Guangzhou becoming the country’s “leading software city” for 5G, focused on autonomous driving, smart logistics, urban tech, AR/VR, smart manufacturing and IoT.

Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport is already using a 5G network with 3.5GHz bandwidth, and the city has the world’s first 5G public bus route. Building the lion’s share of this is – you guessed it – Huawei Technologies, which signed a contract with the government to develop smart coverage across all of its public buildings.

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