Guangzhou to launch GBA promotions

Guangzhou plans to push a new promotion designed to attract tourists to visit the entire Greater Bay Area, not only the provincial capital. Moreover, the city will facilitate mutual recognition of qualifications for travel agencies and tour guides in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau, according to the local media 21st Century Business Herald.

Guangzhou generated more than RMB400 billion from tourism last year, a 10% increase from the previous year. The city government has also recently released a proposal on how to encourage domestic consumption, in which it placed tourism as a top sector, followed by culture, sports and health.

Guangzhou’s overall competitiveness in tourism is ranked third in China, after Beijing and Shanghai. In 2018, Guangzhou received 223 million inbound trips, up 9.23% from the previous year. Of these, more than nine million were overnight trips, up 0.02%. The city’s foreign exchange earnings from tourism were US$6.48 billion, up 2.7%.

Among the 11 GBA cities, Guangzhou scored the highest in tourism revenue, followed by Hong Kong’s RMB256.2 billion, Shenzhen’s RMB148.2 billion and Foshan’s RMB709 million.

Guangzhou and Hong Kong recently collaborated to launch China’s first tourism “Red List”, which includes 196 travel agencies, 40 from Guangzhou and 156 from Hong Kong. The two cities also looking at ways to expand the list to all GBA cities, focusing on boosting service levels and easing visa approvals while also improving the border-crossing experience.