Guangzhou gets trains running again

Despite current restrictions on movement of people, Guangzhou plans to get its traffic running at normal levels within the next 10 days, according to local media.

Although reports of passengers needing to carry their ID cards to ride trains have been refuted, the operator did acknowledge that its popular transport app, Yangchengtong, had required real-name registration so that it could better track infections.

At present, overall transport levels by raid, rail and air had fallen to about 30% of regular levels, according to the city government. Both the railway hub at Guangzhou South and the international airport in Baiyun are seeing vastly reduced numbers.

However, morning bus traffic was recovering more quickly, with 70% capacity levels being reported in recent days.

The Metro says it expects to get back to normal levels in two stages: by next week Monday, trains in the core areas will begin running at peak times in intervals of 2.5-4 minutes. A week after that, they should be back to normal.

In the meantime, 60 sets of infrared thermography temperature detection equipment have been installed in key stations, and temperature detection cordons set up at the security check points.

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