Guangdong leads in charity stakes

Guangdong is the country’s most generous, philanthropic, charitable province.

This not what Cantonese people are known for around the country, we dare to say. Nevertheless, the facts speak for themselves. By the end of August, the province had 1,050 charities, ranking it first in China. Only 121 of these were public.

Moreover, the total amount of “social donations” in Guangdong reached RMB 9.5 billion in the year to date. The annual highlight of the charity calendar, Guangdong Anti-poverty Day, celebrated its tenth anniversary recently, at which it was announced that the drive has raised RMB 28.449 billion in its time.

The government is doing its bit, of course. A network of 650 regular donation stations has been established throughout the province, and, since 2016, about 1.2 million pieces of used clothes, furniture, electrical appliances and other items have been received.

Guangdong is also actively exploring various models of running charitable trusts. For instance, the “Charitable Trust of Ecological Civilization Construction of Dapeng Peninsula” is the first to use “government-commissioned plus charity-entrusted” as its model. In this, government capital leads the way and encourages social capital to step up.

Besides money and goods donations, voluntary service is also rising. There are 10.53 million registered volunteers in Guangdong, more than 2,600 voluntary service organizations and 73,000 voluntary service organizations, with a cumulative volunteer service time of 300 million hours, all ranking No. 1 in China.

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