Guangdong launches second-hand car exports

Guangdong is leading the country to launch exports of second-hand vehicles, sending out China’s first batch of second-hand cars yesterday through the Nansha port to Cambodia. It included nine vehicles worth RMB1.1 million. 

Guangdong is just the first among ten regions approved to export second-hand cars by the Ministry of Commerce this May. Guangdong Good Car Holdings, a certified B2B second-hand car trading platform, sent out the first batch. The company plans to export 3,000 vehicles this year. Guangdong will export more than 9,000 second-hand vehicles worth around US$50 million this year, according to the city government. 

Industry data shows that about 13.82 million used cars were traded in China last year, less than half of the new vehicles sold. The trade policy mainly targets the Belt and Road countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. 

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