Guangdong eases up, but still on guard

Guangdong has lowered its health-risk alert level, from high to moderate, but government officials are still warning companies and individuals to be vigilant against the potential for another outbreak of the coronavirus identified as COVID-19.  

Chen Zhusheng, deputy director of the provincial health committee, said that the implementation of the highest level of alert since January 23, which had lasted a month, had achieved its desired results and the virus had been contained. But at the same time, this did not mean the public could relax as the epidemic was still a challenge in other areas and carriers might yet cause another outbreak.

Moreover, he noted that around 10 million workers had returned recently to Guangdong, and many local workers were now moving about more frequently as businesses resumed work. This raised the possibility of fresh outbreaks. Thus, vigilance in personal hygiene and behavior is still necessary.

Chen said local authorities now had responsibility to manage risks according to the actual situation in their areas, and he called upon them to continually carry out assessments of their situations.

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