GBA Briefs: 9/9/2019

Low-carbon grants: Shenzhen has announced it will support eight areas of development related to low-carbon technologies, with grants of up to RMB 30 million per project. These are: new energy vehicles, advanced nuclear energy, high-efficiency energy storage, renewable energy, smart energy, high-efficiency energy conservation, advanced environmental protection and resource recycling. Read more.

Tencent boosts Nio: The struggling electric carmarker has raised US$200 million, half from Tencent, making the Shenzhen’s digital giant Nio’s single biggest shareholder. Technode has more.

Who likes Libra? China’s digital RMB will be “like Facebook’s Libra” but not a clone, says a senior PBOC official. It will complement, not replace, Alipay and WeChat Pay, and it will be safer than mobile payment methods, says Mu Changchun. Technode has more.

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