GBA Briefs: 6/12/2019

HK-Thai digital currency: The Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Bank of Thailand are working to launch a two-tier digital currency, in a bid to facilitate the cross-border wholesale payment between banks and companies of the two sides through blockchain technology. The first tier involves issuing tokens to Hong Kong banks and the second involves distribution of tokens to companies. Read more on SCMP.

HKIA ambitious: Ambitious targets have been set for Hong Kong International Airport under the GBA plan – passenger growth from 75m to 120m, and tonnes of cargo doubling to 10 million by 2035, plus a third runway and commercial space of 4.1 million sq ft. This is despite the ongoing social unrest. Read more on SCMP.

Hengqin hospital: A new hospital opened yesterday on Hengqin island featuring 300 beds and experts deployed from the city’s public hospital. It is aimed at Macau residents in the special economic zone. Read more in Chinese.

GBA info: A new information platform has been launched to provide data on the economy and other issues, managed jointly by Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong. Read more in Chinese. 

Guangdong rural economy: Guangdong plans to invest 9.6 billion yuan to boost its underdeveloped rural areas, with 8,526 enterprises in the province already partnered with 6,390 villages. Read more in Chinese.

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