GBA Briefs: 5/29/2020

New Guangzhou: Guangzhou has released a plan to revitalize its traditional old central area around Shamian Island and the nearby northern bank of the Pearl River. This was the heart of British and American trading activities back in the pre- and post-Opium War days until the Party came to victory in 1949. The plan will upgrade traditional industries and introduce new ones to the area. It will include a financial cluster. Dayoo. 

Jobs push: Guangzhou aims to create more than 200,000 new jobs this year, despite the ravages of the coronavirus on the local economy. Dayoo.

5G big in Shenzhen: The city is pushing ahead with the rollout of 5G industrial parks, which include “smart roads” for testing autonomous vehicles. Shenzhen leads the country in speed of putting up new base stations. SZN.

Intercity rail links: Shenzhen is working on not only its own Metro, but five Intercity Railways with major stations in the city that will significantly speed up travel time crossing from east to west, and north to south. SZN.

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