GBA Briefs: 30/8/2019

Shenzhen Business: Shenzhen is known as Startup City for a reason: In the first seven months of the year, the city approved 274,956 new business registrations. With a ratio of 242.1 business licenses per 1,000 people (149.9 of which are in operation), the city’s “startup density” ranks first in China. Read more. 

Sustainable Cities: Two GBA cities took the top spots in a new ranking of China’s most “sustainably developing” cities. Guangzhou came fourth. Shenzhen was second. And No. 1 was … Zhuhai! Read more.  

Guangdong Top 500: The province has a database of its top 500 enterprises, thanks to some hard-working researchers at the Guangdong Federation of Enterprises and Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association. The top ones are no surprise by now, they have been featured in many lists across China. But for sheer depth, this takes some beating. Read more. 

Hengqin 5G Lab: Hengqin has launched its own “5G Innovation Lab” for the GBA. China Mobile is doing it with the Hengqin China-Latin America Economic and Trade Cooperation Park. The first phase is a co-working space, offering consulting services. Read more.   

Shenzhen Lab: Perhaps one to take more seriously, the AI and Digital Economy Guangdong Laboratory (Shenzhen) has settled in the city’s Nanshan district. Led by Shenzhen University, co-founders include Ping An Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Computing Science, Shenzhen Financial Technology Research Institute and Tencent Technology. Read more.

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