GBA Briefs: 3/7/2019

Zhongshan to HZMB:More shuttle buses are now open to connect Zhongshan with the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB). Daily buses are traveling between Zhongshan’s Sanxiang, Xiaolan, Dongsheng and the Zhuhai Port. More routes will be further opened connecting the Guangzhou South Railway Station, downtown Guangzhou and Foshan with the Zhuhai Port. Read more. 

Zhuhai-Beijing in 10 hours:Daily high-speed trains between Beijing and Zhuhai will start running on July 10. That means passengers won’t have to change trains at Guangzhou South, which is great news for the nation’s long-distance gamblers heading to Macau from further inland. Read more. 

Nasha Services:Guangzhou’s Nansha officially launched a one-stop service counter for expats who are working in the GBA. The counter integrates resources from different government departments, providing services related to employment, residency, education, research funding, business registration, intellectual property and etc. Read more.

Foshan Services:Foshan has launched a 24-hour online business registration system, which allows companies to apply for business registration and print out the business license in as little as five minutes. Read more. 

Huizhou Upgrades:Huizhou’s Zhongkai hi-tech zone is pushing forward a 10 square kilometer urban renewal project, which will be completed in three years’ time, in order to facilitate industrial upgrade and build an electronic information industrial cluster. Read more. 

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