GBA Briefs: 3/3/2020

Tax or spend: Hong Kong residents will need to choose between higher tax payment or a big reclamation project in the future as the city’s land sale revenue is expected to drop by 16.6% to HK$118 billion while the government is running out of prime sites. SCMP. 

Locusts are coming! China has ramped up its control and prevention for the potential invasion of locusts, the voracious insects that have swept Pakistan, India and East Africa. SCMP. 

Huawei’s homegrown: Huawei has shipped more than 50,000 5G base stations that were free of US technology in the fourth quarter of 2019, in a sign of stepping up self-reliance amid the US trade bans. Bloomberg. 

Gree bonds: Gree Electric Appliances, the Zhuhai-based major appliance manufacturing giant, plans to issue up to 18 billion yuan worth of bonds following a similar move by its rival Midea. Caixin. 

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