GBA Briefs: 27/6/2019

BGI Investment:Shenzhen-based genome sequencer BGI Group will invest RMB470 million (US$68.3 million) to build a base for the research and development and production of reagents used in genetic testing in Qingdao. Read more.

Didi and GAC:Didi expands partnership with Guagndong-based auto giant GAC Group on ride-hailing operations, fleet management, autonomous driving and other areas of smart automobile technology. Read more. 

HK Retail Gloom:As global uncertainties continue to cast a shadow over consumer sentiment, Hong Kong’s total retail sales are expected to decline 5% to HK$460 billion in 2019, according to PwC Hong Kong. Read more.

BYD Design:Carmaker BYD is ready to open its global design hub in Shenzhen, which will have 400 engineers and designers working together on design, clay modeling, facility processing, comprehensive review as well as virtual evaluation. Read more. 

Bao’an Deals:Shenzhen’s Bao’an district inked three cooperative deals with German companies and institutions, focusing on high-end intelligent manufacturing technologies and the development of vocational education. Read more. 

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