GBA Briefs: 3/26/2020

  • Not everyone’s foreign trade collapsed in January and February: Foshan, Guangdong’s third-biggest economy, saw exports surge 26.8% to 54.87 billion yuan. Driving that was private enterprises, especially in electronics, which saw their overall foreign trade rise 53.8%, to account for two-thirds of the total. SCN.
  • While Hong Kong ponders a HK$10 billion bailout of Ocean Park, Shenzhen has begun construction work on a 15 billion yuan revamp of the seashore in Xiaomeisha where a New Ocean World is being built. SZN.

  • Guangdong residents who cannot go to Japan to watch the Cherry Blossom festivals this year will still be able to see them bloom in Shenzhen, as the Guanland lake New City park will be open from tomorrow. Women get free entrance. SZN.
  • Shenzhen’s bar and restaurant scene is coming back to life. As of March 22, nearly 200 companies have participated in online shopping festival activities, covering a variety of formats such as department stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, and online retail. Sales in the first two weeks of the online shopping festival were nearly 6 billion yuan, an average weekly increase of about 25%. SZN.
  • Dongguan is also pushing for the resumption of its bars and restaurants, but there is still a long way to go before wining and dining returns to pre-crisis levels. TDG.
  • The rollout of 5G networks in China is being seen as a good opportunity for Dongguan’s manufacturers, not only in producing handsets (Oppo, Vivo and Huawei do their production here), but at every point of the value chain. TDG.
  • Guangzhou wants to be the king of live broadcast e-commerce, and it has launched 16 measures to ensure this is what happens in the next three years. The plan includes training 10,000 new online celebrities. Dayoo.

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