GBA Briefs: 22/7/2019

Shanghai Launch: Today saw the official listing of the first batch of 25 companies on Shanghai’s Nasdaq-style tech board. They included three Guangdong-based enterprises: laser projector manufacturer Appotronics Corporation, new materials supplier Fangbang Electronic Corporation, and Fine Yuan Science Technology Corporation, which makes electrolytic copper foil for lithium battery cores. They raised RMB1.19 billion, RMB1.078 billion and RMB1.633 billion, respectively, all higher than their original plan. Read morein Chinese. 

Airline Boost: China Southern Airlines will receive a cash injection of RMB30 billion from three fund-management firms. Read more.

Shenzhen Expats: Taking inspiration from Japan and Singapore, Shenzhen plans to develop 15 international communities in the next four years under the theme of “live local, live global”. Read more. 

Macau Visitors: Macau attracted20.28 million visitors in the first half of this year, up 20.6 % YoY. Read more. 

HK Visitors: Hong Kong attracted 35 million visitors in the first half of this year, up 14% YoY. Readmore. 

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