GBA Briefs: 19/3/2020

Guangdong resumes (1): Nearly 94% of the 15,000 key manufacturing firms surveyed by the government in Guangdong have resumed work, according to the provincial human resources and social security department. More than 83% of employees in the sector have returned, with labor shortages mostly for general workers, including equipment operators, packaging workers and tally clerks. Southern Metropolis Daily.

Guangdong resumes (2): Trivium China’s “back to work” index shows 100% of Guangdong’s leading companies (those with revenues above 20 million yuan) have resumed normal operations.  Trivium

Aviation industry slumps: Analysts called for relief measures for the aviation sector from the Hong Kong government as they predict a cut to capacity of up to 80% with a loss of US$100 billion as the coronavirus disrupts the global aviation industry. SCMP.

Talents get jobs: A total of 54,000 fresh graduates from Guangdong’s universities and colleges have signed employment contracts as the province had moved recruitment activities online, according to the Guangdong Department of Education. Southern Metropolis Daily.

Shenzhen boosts AI driving: Shenzhen Transportation Bureau released new rules aimed at facilitating the application of autonomous cars, allowing those that can drive for 1,000 kilometres without violating traffic regulations to test with human onboard.

WeChat traffic boom: The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has led to a surge in traffic on WeChat, drawing 8 billion visits to its Health Code service since early February, said Tencent’s president Martin Lau. Caixin.

Macau casino gloom: Macau’s government has halved its forecast for casino revenues this year, to MOP130 billion (US$16.3 billion), down from a projection of MOP260 billion, announced in November. GGRA.

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