GBA Briefs: 18/6/2019

Customs Deal: Macau and the mainland signed a new cooperative arrangement to simplify their joint Customs clearance process and combat smuggling, including launching speed clearance projects, deepening information exchange, and conducting joint law enforcement actions. Read more.

Zhaoqing Credit: Loans in Zhaoqing have grown steadily this year, with the balance of outstanding loans in the city’s banks reaching RMB197.7 billion by the end of May, up RMB12.8 billion or 7.51% from the start of the year. Read more.

Songshan Upgrade: The construction of Dongguan’s Songshan Lake Material Lab kicked off yesterday with other key projects in the second batch of GBA-related construction, totaling RMB39.1 billion in investment, which will focus on developing new materials for battery, semiconductor, fiber, biomimetic cryopreservation, etc. Read more.

TCM innovation center: Margaret Chan, a member of the standing committee of the CPPCC and former director-general of the World Health Organization, says it is “urgent” that a Traditional Chinese Medicine “innovation center” be established in the GBA. Read more

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