GBA Briefs: 13/3/2020

Guangzhou e-commerce booms: Guangzhou has seen cross-border e-commerce exports in February rise to 2.25 times the value of the same period last year, due to a surge in online shopping by residents confined to home during the outbreak.

Guangdong-made test kits: As Guangdong gets back to work, the test kits made by the province’s hi-tech companies have been donated to over 80,000 people overseas and used in 26 countries.

Shenzhen relief package: Shenzhen announced Thursday it would cut medical insurance fees totalling 9 billion yuan for over 700,000 local enterprises, in efforts to ease the burden facing virus-hit companies.

Talents in Shenzhen: Shenzhen ranks top for graduates who landed jobs during the post-Chinese New Year period, followed by Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hangzhou, according to data from a popular job-hunting website.

Zhuhai eases: Zhuhai has eased its restrictions on car purchasing of non-permanent residents, allowing Hong Kong and Macau residents, as well as those who work as civil servants, teachers, doctors and technical staff to own cars in the city.  Nanfang Daily.

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