GBA Briefs: 1/14/2020

5G bullet: The High-Speed Railway between Guangzhou and Hong Kong has switched on its 5G network service, the first in China to do so. It only works outside of the Hong Kong border, though. Read more on Caixin. 

GBA jobs: A delegate to the provincial government CPPCC has suggested targeting those Hongkongers already studying inside Guangdong with job offers, as a way of winning the battle for their hearts and minds. Read more on SCMP.

Digital currency debate: Not everyone thinks China is ready for a digital currency, saying the pressure is off now that Libra is not happening. It’s being tested in Shenzhen at the moment. Read more on SCMP.

Trade up: China’s exports and imports both surged in December, above analysts’ expectations, even though the year as a whole saw a weak performance for foreign trade in US dollar terms. Read more on SCMP.

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