GBA Briefs: 02/01

Bay-to-Bay? Various sources in San Francisco have a dim view of so-called Bay-to-Bay exchanges between the Bay Area and the Greater Bay Area. Mostly, these exchanges seem to be a case of Lost in Translation. Read more on SCMP.

Guangzhou keeps up: The provincial capital has a five-year plan for social housing, which involves giving a big chunk of it (10%) rent-free to qualified “talents”. Read more (in Chinese)

Blockchain tracks: The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has released a “Blockchain 50” index. No guesses as to what it tracks. Read more (in Chinese)

Blockchain ETF: A Shenzhen-based fund, Penghua, could be the first to list a blockchain ETF. Read more on Technode

Blockchain rolls: Guangzhou Metro has issued the first blockchain-based invoice by a metro system in China. Read more (in Chinese)

Foshan tapped: The central government has approved another 24 cities to be “pilot zones” for cross-border e-commerce, including Foshan. Read more (in Chinese)

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