Foxconn affiliate’s US$9b Guangzhou panel plant opens

Guangzhou opened its biggest-ever investment in hi-tech manufacturing this week: a RMB61 billion (US$9b) plant invested by Foxconn billionaire Terry Guo and Japanese panel-maker Sharp.

The plant, which will make glass substrate for use in ultra-high definition large screens, is expected to annually produce 90,000 units of 65- and 75-inch displays, smart televisions and electronic whiteboards worth an estimated RMB92 billion.

On one side of the venture stands SIO International Holdings – a company owned by Guo – and Japanese electronics giant Sharp. On the other side stands the city government. 

Displays are classed into generations based on the size of the glass substrates used, going up the scale as technical advances permit production of ever-larger panes. The current 10.5-generation (also called the 11th) is the highest grade at 294cm x 337cm. 

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