Foshan to build ‘night economy’

Guangzhou has done well to stimulate its “night economy”, and Foshan is following suit. According to local media, the city plans to build eight “high-quality clusters” and 80 “economic demonstration sites” where businesses focused on evening dining, shopping and entertainment can drive growth in the economy.

The city’s most developed districts of Chancheng, Nanhai, and Shunde districts will have two clusters and 20 demonstration sites each, while the Gaoming and Sanshui districts will have one and 10 each. The aim is to build “Foshan by Night” [our translation] into a well-known brand across the country.

Those hoping for more nightclubs and KTVs are likely to be disappointed, however. Priorities appear to be focused on promoting cuisine, developing “tourist routes” and upgrading featured attractions in the city. Boutique hotels will be encouraged, as will “night culture activities” such as theaters, Kung Fu displays, and “book bars”.

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