Foshan, Guangzhou draw closer

Since last December, Guangzhou and Foshan have been working on the details of a plan to deepen their integration. Recently, they have been getting more specific. This week, Foshan announced no fewer than 92 projects aimed at facilitating intercity cooperation.

At the center of the Foshan-Guangzhou Cooperation Zone (see map) sits the Guangzhou South Station. This massive railway terminal reaches out not only to the Greater Bay Area’s other cities – including Hong Kong and Macau – but it also connects the Bay with the rest of the country.

The Foshan side of the cooperation zone will include three main development zones: the 93 sq km Sanlong Wan (Three Dragon Bay) “jump start” Zone, the 130 sq km “Core Zone and the 333 sq km “Coordination Zone.”

Foshan’s government this week pledged to invest RMB337.6 billion in the Sanlong Wan Zone, spread across 92 projects related to transportation infrastructure, industrial development, public services and city landscape.

Some of the most urgent and feasible projects are already under way and will be accelerated this year. They include the renovation and upgrade of roads from Foshan’s CBD to the Guangzhou South Station, and the construction of a major commercial complex on the Guangzhou-Foshan border. The city will also coordinate with Guangzhou to speed up the construction of the Nanhai-Panyu bridge and the extension of Guangzhou Metro to Foshan.