Epidemic measures for office buildings

A campaign to promote the resumption of office work has been launched in buildings across the province’s cities, according to local media. The measures outlined for companies to adopt gives an interesting insight into the challenges faced in “getting back to work”. They cover various aspects of office life.

Entry/exit controls: In Guangzhou’s World Trade Center building, one of the city’s biggest and most prominent office towers, personnel wanting to come back to work must apply for re-entry at least a day in advance. The two main entrances are equipped with infrared thermometers, which can conduct rapid temperature screening and reduce the risk of cross infection. The K11 complex, meanwhile, requires workers to use a Wechat applet to register, and they too must pass a thermal detection test at the entrances. On top of all this, companies need to conduct their own temperature checks and screen employees with health checks throughout the day.

Elevators: Tang Zhonghua, manager of Shenzhen Ping’an financial center in the Futian district, said no more than eight passengers are allowed to take each elevator. Morevoer, they need not press the floor buttons as special personnel are available to do that. Guangzhou’s Fuli center, meanwhile, has created lines on the floor of its elevators separating each into grids of either six or nine spaces. 

Dining areas: “Bring your own” has taken on new meaning for office workers, as they are encouraged to not only eat their own packed lunches, but sit at individual tables, too. At Guangzhou’s PICC South China operation center, the company will arrange delivery of lunch to staff at their workstations. The Southern Information Center of insurer PICC has meanwhile widened the distance between dining tables and chairs in its public dining areas, shrinking it from a capacity of 700 diners to just 100.

Disinfection and sterilization: Some office buildings have entirely shut down the air conditioning system, while others have focused on constant, incessant, cleaning by staff. Zhang Yuanping, property and environment manager of Shenzhen Ping An Group, said they disinfect and sterilizes an area of 110,000 sqm three times a week. The World Trade Center, for its part, has added air purifiers, ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization lamps. Thgese will ruN at nighttime.

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