Dongguan sees major projects take off

Talk about a big dig: Dongguan has shovels in the ground on 77 new projects so far this year, more than double the number of the same period las year, according to local media. From January to September, these projects have committed investment of RMB 50.89 billion, up 22.0% YoY.

September was a key month, with 15 major projects launching. Highlights include:

  • Penglongchao precision optical research and smart manufacturing center;
  • Liaobu Town primary school;
  • Southern Power research and test platform;
  • Tsinghua Chip Cloud industrial city project phase I;
  • Ofilm electric imaging industry project;
  • Zhengzhong innovation complex;
  • South African Commodities China (Dongguan) exhibition and trade center;
  • Zhiyi technology printing and dyeing plant.

The new projects include some giants in their industries. For example, the two plots invested in by Tsinghua University for the Tsinghua Chip Cloud industrial city will involve a total investment of RMB 62.1 billion.

Some of the projects belong to the provincial government. These accounted for RMB 24.36 billion, nearly half of the total.

Infrastructure projects came to RMB 16.77 billion, while RMB 29.46 billion was invested in industrial projects. 

Songshan Lake was a key focus, with investment there totaling RMB 13.42 billion. 

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