Dongguan raises bar on talent incentives

Dongguan has adopted an aggressive policy to attract and retain qualified “talents”, chief of which is a housing policy that provides free rental accommodation of up to eight years in a 200 sqm apartment. “Super Talents” are entitled to a housing subsidy of up to 2.5 million yuan or a rental subsidy of up to 5,000 yuan per month for 3 years. “Basic Talents,” get incentives, too, such as subsidies on public rental housing or preferential rents.

Local media reported that the new regulation is focused on Songshan Lake, Binhai Bay, and the Neutron Science City, among other sites. It goes hand-in-hand with construction planning, requiring the ratio of new land supply for projects, and urban renewal projects, to set aside not less than 10% of housing for talents.

The plan also allows various kinds of qualified talents to enjoy the same treatment in purchasing commercial housing as Dongguan registered residents (i.e., those with a local hukou).

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