Dongguan aims to attract HK services

Hong Kong companies have been the mainstay of Dongguan’s development in the Reform and Opening era, but mostly in manufacturing. Dongguan wants to upgrade the relationship to one that is focused on services, and it has begun construction of a new “Hong Kong Center” to achieve that.

Pushing this is the Dongguan Foreign Enterprise Association, which will work with the city government to develop the center, located in its main central business district. It will cost 4 billion yuan and cover an area of 145,000 sqm, with three commercial buildings. 

It’s not like Hong Kong services companies don’t know where Dongguan is, of course. In 2018, Dongguan received 3,308 delegations representing Hong Kong enterprises, while it sent 254 delegations to Hong Kong. These covered trade, education, accounting, finance, medical, environmental protection, and legal services, among other. 

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