Dongguan aims for Mega status

Dongguan has had enough of being just another fast-growing Chinese metropolis. By the end of the Greater Bay Area masterplan, it wants to be a Mega City.

This might sound like something from a computer game, but a Mega City is an official designation given by the central government to a city with a population above 10 million. Dongguan, being the GBA’s third-biggest city with 8.37 million registered residents, plans to leap into that category by 2030, and will peak at 10.8 million in 2035, according to city planners.

It’s not about quantity, however, but quality. In 2016-2018, the total number of “talents” in the city jumped from 1.46 million to 1.953 million; “high-level talents” (post-grad degrees) rose even faster, from 84,800 to 126,000. As the city government explains it: “The population structure is continuously optimized.”

Dongguan is doing its bit to ensure these people live in a more comfortable environment, naturally. With a focus on Songshan Lake and the Binhai Bay districts, the city plans to grow sustainably and produce a high-quality living environment.

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