DJI says its home base is the problem, not its tech

The world’s drone king, Shenzhen-based DJI, clearly senses the walls are closing in on it in Washington. Following a US Senate committee discussion last week on drone security and supply chain risk, the company has published an open letter to the committee in which it denies its devices send flight data to China.

DJI says its drones “do not automatically send flight data to China or anywhere else,” and points out the obvious: that the data stays “solely on the drone and on the pilot’s mobile device. DJI cannot share customer data it never receives.”

The letter comes after Senator Ed Markey said during the hearing that Americans who own Chinese-made drones are concerned about privacy and security, according to a Reuters report. DJI said the hearing’s discussions “included inaccurate information and speculation about drone use and technology, potentially leading to restrictions on the access of DJI’s drones, purely based on where we are headquartered.”Read more on SCMP.

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