Cruise industry sees GBA potential

Hong Kong-listed cruise line Genting is expected to deliver its first 200,000-ton cruise ship to the Greater Bay Area in 2021. It will have 2,500 guest rooms, according to the 21st Century Business Herald.

Despite the withdrawal of cruise ships and the shortened operating hour of many other cruise companies in other regions of China, the GBA saw a rapid increase in the number of passengers handled in the past decade, up from 187,500 in 2009 to 875,500 in 2018. Last year, according to industry data, the country’s passenger numbers fell 1.2% to 4.88 million, but the GBA handled more than half of the total, up 13.6% to 2.57 million.

Genting chairman Lin Guotai said last week that the group will continue to expand its business in China, which he sees as the “backbone of the global cruise industry”.

GBA ports have a size and depth advantage. Shenzhen Taiziwan Cruise Port has a 220,000 GT cruise berth and a 100,000-ton cruise berth. The Guangzhou Nansha Cruise Terminal, which will be officially opened at the end of this year, will have four berths for 205,000 GT super cruise ships. Together with the Hong Kong Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, these lead the world in terms of hardware.

Genting CEO Zhu Fuming said the company is expecting to run a new cruise line connecting Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau. He expects to combine multiple transportation methods like airplane and high-speed railway with the cruise service.

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