Coronavirus update: not long now

Guangdong added one new imported case yesterday. No patient was discharged, with 6 still in hospital. (Data: Guangdong Health Commission)

Hong Kong reported four new imported cases, from a flight that returned from Pakistan. The city’s tally is at 1,044. 12 patients were discharged in the past 24 hours, with 105 still in hospital. Here is a Covid-19 tracker, which lists all currently hospitalized cases, with travel history.

Across the rest of the country, two new imported cases were reported, according to the National Health Commission. There was no local case. Asymptomatic cases dropped further to 880, as 29 were released from monitoring and no new case was reported.

Related news:

  1. As Shenzhen and Hong Kong discuss resumption of regular border services, Shenzhen has announced that it released its last imported coronavirus case and there is only one local-case patient left under treatment. During the outbreak, Shenzhen recorded 462 confirmed cases, of which 39 were imported. Of the 458 discharged from hospital, 373 had been light, 72 severe, and 13 critical. No hospital infections or outbreaks among medical personnel had occurred. As of May 6, no imported cases had been recorded for 30 consecutive days. SCN.
  2. The Covid-19 pandemic might have started as early as October, according to the latest research into the genetic make-up of the coronavirus. The pathogen is thought to have made the jump from initial host to humans sometime between October 6 and December 11 last year, according to an article set to be published in the scientific journal Infection, Genetics and Evolution. Researchers from University College London and the University of Reunion Island were also able to identify the major mutations to the coronavirus, which has continued to evolve since making the jump to humans. SCMP.

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