Coronavirus update: New cases plunge outside Hubei

Guangdong added three confirmed cases on Sunday, according to the Guangdong Health Commission. The total number of infections recorded in the province since the outbreak began is 1,345, of which over half, or 722, have been discharged so far. 

Shenzhen recorded a new death on Saturday, bringing the death toll in the GBA to eight.

In Hong Kong, five new cases, four evacuated from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, were confirmed over the weekend, taking the city’s total to 74. However, 12 patients have been discharged, according to the city’s Centre for Health Protection.

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  1. Hubei, epicentre of the outbreak, reported 398 new cases yesterday, taking the total to 64,287. The death toll rose to 2,495, with 149 new deaths added, up 53 from the previously reported 96 daily increase, according to the Hubei Health Commission. 
  2. The nationwide number of new infections outside Hubei was as low as 11 on Sunday, with 25 provinces reporting no new infections. Of the total 77,150 infections, around one-third have been discharged, according to the National Health Commission.
  3. A 77-year-old man has become the first Hongkonger to die from the COVID-19 in the mainland, while some 2,700 Hong Kong residents are trapped under the lockdown in Hubei. SCMP.
  4. Four major tour operators in Hong Kong on Monday halted all trips to South Korea until the end of March, in view of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 in the country where 833 infections have been reported, the highest outside China and Japan. SCMP.
  5. Nearly all of the top 100 enterprises in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district had resumed their businesses as of Sunday. Altogether the district reported 17,000 companies, or 470,000 workers back to work, accounting for one-fourth of the city’s total that had resumed work so far.
  6. Shenzhen has banned the eating of wild animals, which researchers believe were the original host of COVID-19. Fines of up to 50,000 yuan will be imposed.
  7. Guangdong has started to employ a “health code” system where residents can report their health status online, in a bid to reduce the paperwork and help authorities more effectively manage the anti-virus activities based on data collected.
  8. Zhongshan said 12 out of its 22 transportation projects currently under construction have resumed their work, while another six projects are set to start construction this year, including Shenmao Railway, the main east-west high-speed railway in the province.
  9. The US has given a green light to the request from blacklisted AI firm iFlyTek, based in Guangzhou, to purchase medical supplies from the US in order to combat the COVID-19. Caixin.
  10. China’s tech giants have experienced contrasting fortunes in the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, with Alibaba and Meituan Dianping scrambling to contain the fallout as both are heavily reliant on offline manpower and transport networks, while Tencent and ByteDance, which have strong virtual assets, have embraced surges in online traffic, especially to their mobile gaming and livestreaming products. Caixin.

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