Coronavirus update: new cases in single digits

Guangdong reported six news cases of COVID-19 yesterday, while Hong Kong had one and Macau had none. Two new deaths were reported yesterday in Shenzhen, bringing the GBA’s total to five since the outbreak began. 

The new infection figure saw a sharp decline over the past two days, from 33 on Friday and 22 on Saturday, according to the Guangdong Health Commission.

The newly-added cases were reported from six different cities – Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Zhongshan – plus two from outside of the GBA, in Maoming and Heyuan. 

So far, more than one-third of confirmed patients have left hospital, including 37 cases discharged on Sunday alone.

The provincial infection number has been dropping steadily over the past two weeks, from 127 at the beginning of Feb, as various containment measures have been enforced by city governments including entry restrictions to the province and lockdown in local communities.

For the nine GBA cities in Guangdong, as of 9 am today, Shenzhen has 415, Guangzhou 339, Zhuhai 97, Dongguan 89, Foshan 84, Zhongshan 66, Huizhou 58, Jiangmen 23 and Zhaoqing 17.

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  1. As of 9 am today, Guangdong had reported 1,322 confirmed cases related to the virus, adding only six new infections from the previous day, in a steady decline from the number of over 100 two weeks ago. The newly-added cases were reported from six different cities in Guangdong. So far, Shenzhen has 415, Guangzhou 339, Zhuhai 97, Dongguan 89, Foshan 84, Zhongshan 66, Huizhou 58, Jiangmen 23 and Zhaoqing 17, according to the Guangdong Health Commission.
  2. In Hubei, epicentre of the outbreak, 1,933 new cases were reported today, a slight increase from the previous day’s 1,843, bringing the total to 58,182. The death toll rose to 1,696, with 100 new deaths added, down 39 from the previously reported 139 daily increase, according to Hubei Health Commission.
  3. Macau has announced it will allow the casinos to reopen, albeit gradually, from the end of the self-imposed 15-day closure period on Thursday. MI.
  4. Shenzhen and Guangzhou started to enforce real-name registration across the cities’ metro network on Sunday and Monday, respectively, citing the need to contain the spread of coronavirus. All passengers are mandated to declare their names before getting on board. and Guangzhou Daily. 
  5. Guangdong is stepping up its digital public services amid the outbreak, allowing enterprises to pay taxes and apply for loans, and users to declare health status online. Nanfang Daily.
  6. The Water Resources Department of Guangdong assured Saturday that the quality and quantity of its water supply to Hong Kong will not be affected by the virus outbreak. The state-owned supplier said it conducted daily checks on its water supply facilities. Nanfang Daily.
  7. More than half of all companies in Guangdong have encountered financial difficulties under the coronavirus outbreak, with 82.4% claiming the need for financing, according to surveys conducted by the local financial regulatory authorities. Guangdong government.
  8. Foreign-invested factories in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Foshan have partially resumed their daily production, with tight containment measures – including disinfection and working in shifts – in effect. Nanfang Daily.
  9. Shenzhen Power Grid data shows that the economy is getting back to normal, albeit gradually. The pharmaceutical, IT, telecommunications, and other electronic equipment manufacturing industries have started to see significant growth in their electricity consumption in recent days. SZ Daily
  10. Passengers taking the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway who have passed through key epidemic areas need to declare their travel history via an online registration system. Zhuhai Daily.
  11. The People’s Bank of China offered 200 billion yuan of one-year medium-term loans on Monday and lowered the corresponding interest rate by 10 basis points, to 3.15%, in a bid to counter the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Caixin.

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