Coronavirus update: nearly there

Guangdong added one new case yesterday, an imported case in Guangzhou. No patient was discharged. Among the 37 cases still in hospital (18 imported), 6 were light, 28 normal, 1 severe and 2 critical. (Data: Guangdong Health Commission)

Hong Kong reported no new cases for second day in a row, keeping the city’s tally at 1,038. No patient was discharged in the past 24 hours, with 262 still in hospital. Here is a Covid-19 tracker, which lists all currently hospitalized cases, with travel history.

Across the rest of the country, 2 new imported cases were reported, according to the National Health Commission. There was 1 local case, in Heilongjiang. Asymptomatic cases slightly dropped to 974, as 51 were released from monitoring and no new cases were reported.

Related news:

  1. Guangdong’s 1.87 million schoolkids resumed classes today, with teachers and parents on high alert. Temperature checks and “health code” app checks were standard throughout the province, while canteens were carefully monitored and strict distancing measures were enforced. SCN.
  2. Guangzhou is rolling out a series of measures to support the recovery of the restaurant and catering industry – with special subsidies for those offering Cantonese cuisine. DY.
  3. Guangdong, China’s richest province, has launched a new program to manage its vagrant population, which seems to be growing in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. More than a dozen provincial government departments have jointly issued a “Special Action Plan for the Improvement of the Quality of Rescue and Management Services for Homeless Begging People”, focusing on care services and settlement. The aim is to “promote the establishment of a more mature rescue management service system” which distinguishes between those who are homeless and those suffering from mental illnesses. SCN.
  4. Shenzhen ’s economy shrank by -6.6% YoY in Q1, as manufacturing plunged -14.1% but services held up reasonably well, at -1.8%. Exports fell -21% but imports grew slightly, up 0.7% YoY. Fixed-asset investment tumbled in January-February, but rebounded strongly in March as projects resumed. Internet, software and IT services companies continued to grow, albeit at subdued levels, +2.4% YoY. SCN.
  5. There is increasing pressure on Hong Kong’s government to relax travel restrictions between the city and the mainland. Some politicians have called for an exemption for business travellers, at the very least, as the rate of Covid-19 infections drops. The calls came despite the Shenzhen government announcing that from tomorrow (Tuesday) all travellers to the  city would have to stay at a designated quarantine centre for 14 days for medical observation. Previously, the two-week quarantine period could take place at home. SCMP.
  6. Hong Kong can consider easing social-distancing measures enacted to limit the spread of Covid-19 but should begin testing all arrivals twice – once after entering Hong Kong and again at the end of their mandatory two weeks’ self-isolation, health experts say. Double-checking would help catch any infected people who were asymptomatic and before they began moving around the city, they said. SCMP.

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