Coronavirus update: HK jumps

Guangdong added 11 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, all imported from overseas, nine of which were in Guangzhou and two in Shenzhen. Two cases were discharged. Among the 100 cases still in hospital (86 imported), 19 were light, 74 normal, 0 severe, and 7 critical, according to the Guangdong Health Commission. 

Hong Kong confirmed 43 new cases today, taking the city’s total number to 453 (106 discharged), according to the Centre for Health Protection.

Across the rest of the country, 67 new imported cases were reported (18 in Shanghai, 12 in Inner Mongolia), according to the National Health Commission.

Related news from China:

  1. Hong Kong is considering further measures to maximise “social distancing” such as prohibiting gatherings of more than four people, but it is not yet ready to announce these. SCMP.  
  2. A study from Lombardy suggests there is no difference in the viral loads of Covid-19 patients who are asymptomatic, i.e., they could be equally infectious as those showing symptoms. SCMP.
  3. Health experts have said social distancing and increased awareness resulting from the coronavirus pandemic helped end Hong Kong’s winter influenza season nine weeks earlier this time than last year, but 113 people still died of the flu. SCMP.
  4. Robots in hospitals, health code apps, online education and remote working all played crucial roles in keeping China operational with most of the population trapped in self-isolation, As life gradually returns to normal, many are asking whether the pandemic will leave a permanent mark on the way people work and live, accelerating long-term trends such as the digitalisation of education, work and even people. SCMP.
  5. About three to 10 per cent of patients who recovered from Covid-19 tested positive again after being discharged from hospital, doctors in Wuhan have found. However, so far, they have found no evidence that patients became infectious again after recovery. SCMP.
  6. Airline workers are scrambling to supplement their lost income, as they are stood down, or working very few shifts. Many are turning to sideline jobs. SCMP.
  7. Pangolins are unlikely to have been the hosts that passed on the SARS-COV2 virus to humans, Chinese researchers said, adding that the search should focus on wild animals that share their habitats. SCMP.
  8. The twice-yearly China Food and Drinks Fair, originally scheduled for March 26-28, will now take place from May 21-23 in Chengdu. SCMP.
  9. The coronavirus pandemic has forced art fairs, such as Art Basel, online – with mixed reviews. SCMP.
  10. 10.Foreigners who try to breach their quarantine limitations risk being deported, police in Guangzhou have warned after a case was encountered. The man was let off with a warning, this time. SCN.
  11. 11.Guangzhou has suspended on-site tomb sweeping activities during the Qing Ming festival. But grieving relatives need not fear being judged from beyond the grave: the city has set up online channels for them to send flowers, write dedications and otherwise show their sincere devotion to lost loved ones. SCN.

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