Coronavirus update: HK joins Guangdong at zero

Guangdong reported no new COVID-19 cases today, the fifth time since it began reporting, keeping the total at 1,350 confirmed cases. Most have recovered, with another 48 patients discharged on Tuesday, leaving only 214 under treatment in the province, according to the Guangdong Health Commission.

Hong Kong also stopped adding new cases today, the first time in 11 days, keeping the city’s total at 101, with 64 still under treatment, according to the Centre for Health Protection. The death toll in the GBA remains at nine.

Hubei, epicentre of the outbreak, reported 115 new cases, up one from the previous day’s 114, taking the total to 67,332. The death toll rose to 2,871, with 37 new deaths added on Sunday, up six from the previous day’s 31, according to the Hubei Health Commission.

The nationwide number of new infections outside Hubei was 4 on Monday, down seven from the previous day’s 11. Of the total 80,270 confirmed cases, over 60% have left hospital, according to the National Health Commision.

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1. The shutdown of factories in China in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 could disrupt global medical supply chains as the US’s drug regulator said one drug was already in short supply after its production was affected by the coronavirus. SCMP.

2. The first flight chartered by the Hong Kong government to leave Wuhan for Hong Kong landed this afternoon, carrying more than 100 Hong Kong residents who would be placed under a two-week quarantine. Another 413 Hongkongers are expected to be brought home late today and tomorrow. SCMP.

3. Over 6.08 million migrant workers have returned to work in Guangdong, accounting for around a third of the overall migrant population in the province, according to the provincial Human Resource and Social Security Department. SCMP.

4. Internet giants Tencent and NetEase have welcomed a boom in the active users of their mobile gaming services, almost doubling the growth compared with the previous Chinese New Year holiday, as people are kept at home by quarantines. Caixin

5. Guangdong’s customs are on high alert to prevent any COVID-19 case imported from overseas by double-checking the incoming visitors’ body temperatures at the border, as the coronavirus is now sweeping the globe, infecting over 70 countries. Nanfang Daily.

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