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Shenzhen races to 15,000 5G base stations

Shenzhen has reached its initial target of 15,000 5G base stations ahead of schedule, hitting the goal yesterday, according to local media.

It probably helps that Shenzhen is the home city of network-gear giants Huawei and ZTE. But it should also be noted that the city rolled out a series of lucrative incentives to other developers in order to reach its goal. These included cold, hard cash – 10,000 yuan for every base station opened – as well as subsidies of up to 150 million yuan for operators who pulled the networks together. 

By August next year, 45,000 base stations are expected to have been built, achieving full coverage of the city. This density will lead the country, and provide fertile ground for the development of 5G-related applications.

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Guangdong chooses 5G parks

Guangdong has announced that three cities have been approved to establish specially designated 5G Industrial Parks. They are: Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shantou. 

These parks are where more resources will be devoted to creating clusters of companies engaged in cutting-edge development of applications and services build on the new super-fast network standard, according to local media.

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Cash subsidies for 5G innovation

Guangzhou’s Huangpu District has a plan for building a strong cluster of companies around 5G-enabled products and services. It includes subsidies and rewards of up to 5 million yuan per company, according to local media. 

Those developing core technologies such as high-end microchips, components, and new 5G terminals are in line for up to 3 million yuan in “cultivation rewards”. They can also apply for a one-time subsidy of 300,000 yuan per staff hired that meets the city government’s standards for “talent”.

On top of that, successful companies generating sales of more than 100 million yuan can get rewards of up to 2 million yuan. 

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Guangdong leads in 5G rollout

China has officially entered the 5G era, with the pilot cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen firmly in the vanguard. China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have unveiled 5G plans based on transmission speeds in both cities, where coverage is ramping up quickly. These range between RMB128 and RMB 599 a month.

Applications and handsets are expected to grow fast in both cities. Guangdong has built 21,473 5G base stations, first in the country, including 10,626 in Guangzhou and 9,504 in Shenzhen. Dongguan and Foshan also have some, and the rest of the GBA cities will be ramping up in the coming months. By the end of this year, Guangdong’s total is expected to hit 34,800.

For 5G commercial services, applications will be very different than what has come before, thanks to high speeds, low latency and wider range of connections. Much focus is being placed on ultra-high definition video, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and AIOT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things).

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Shenzhen IT shopping area goes 5G

It seems only fitting that the neighbourhood of Shenzhen once renowned for knockoffs of IT gadgets is today the first to switch over to 5G. 

Huaqiangbei, which has cleaned up its piracy act in recent years, is still a must-visit place in Shenzhen for anyone wanting to see what a Chinese electronics market looks like. The place is insanely packed and carries every piece of equipment that could remotely be called electronic. Now, it is the country’s first “city block” to be fully 5G-operational, which allows it to host demonstrations of all sorts of new, high-bandwidth applications.

According to the Shenzhen Daily News, the three major telco operators have set up the main base stations in the area and are now laying indoor sub-base stations inside the major malls and shops. These include SEG, Huaqiang, Gome, Suning, Shundian, Maoye and others.

Already working are some outdoor applications around the market’s main areas, while an indoor “experience pavilion” is under way. Some of these include: VR-based interactive games, 360-degree 8K panoramic VR live broadcast, remote driving, VR-based cloud games, remote ultrasound diagnosis, 3D vision screening, AR industrial inspection, AI face recognition.

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Hengqin breaches the Great Firewall

Hengqin’s moment in the spotlight is coming. Its massive new railway station is around three months from opening, but already the special economic zone opposite Macau’s Cotai district is gearing up to play a leading role on the Greater Bay Area’s main stage: This week it rolled out China’s first experiment with a city internet network that sits outside the Great Firewall.

Built by the Zhuhai Branch of China Mobile Guangdong, the Hengqin New Area now has an “international” internet infrastructure. Companies that plug into this network will enjoy significantly faster cross-border data transmission speeds, with buffering down from 70ms to 14ms, thereby increasing its efficiency by 80%.

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Guangzhou unveils 3-year 5G plan

Guangzhou has released a three-year action plan to accelerate the development of 5G, which is faster than even Shenzhen’s. By the end of the year, the provincial capital will have 20,000 base stations working, covering most of the city’s key business hubs. That compares to Shenzhen’s planned 8,500 base stations by the end of this year. Moreover, Guangzhou has set a three-year target of 65,000 base stations, compared to 45,000 in Shenzhen. 

The differences are largely due to their respective geographic size – Shenzhen squeezes its 13 million residents into a smaller space than Guangzhou does with its 14 million. Both will ensure “comprehensive coverage” across their urban areas by 2021.

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Foxconn, BYD step up as Huawei cuts Flex

When you move against an opponent, they should always be significantly weaker than you are. This is the basis of Sun Tzu’s teachings. The US government might have heeded such millennia-old advice when it decided to put Huawei Technologies on its Entity List back in May. Now, the Shenzhen-based technology giant has given a demonstration of how the Art of War works in business.

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Shenzhen tests for 5G launch next month

Shenzhen’s Futian Station is buzzing – literally. The country’s biggest train station is the venue of a most fascinating exhibition at the moment: all sorts of 5G-enabled devices and services are being tested here. It’s called 5G Experience Week, and it’s focused on getting the city’s tech-crazy citizens ready for the launch of commercial 5G services next month.

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