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‘New Ocean City’ project unveiled in Shenzhen

The China Marine Economy Expo had its debut last week in Shenzhen. It turned out to be a highlight of the local event calendar, generating RMB 2.5 billion of deals while attracting nearly 100,000 visitors and more than 455 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions. 

The expo had a wide-ranging focus across three main sections: marine resources development and engineering equipment; shipping and ports; and emerging industries. Some impressive ocean-going vessels were rolled out, including the Xuelong 2, China’s first independently built polar research icebreaker, which made its maiden voyage from Shenzhen to conduct Antarctic research during the exhibition. 

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Shenzhen’s emerging marine industries fuel growth

Shenzhen’s marine industry has been touted as a key part of the city’s economic development blueprint, which is why local media have been buzzing this week about the China Marine Economy Expo underway at the convention and exhibition center in Futian district.

Unsurprisingly for the tech-obsessed city, “emerging marine industries” are now driving growth overall for the industry. According to the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Ocean and Fishery, the output of emerging marine industries in the first half of this year rose 6.7% YoY, exceeding the overall growth rate of marine industries in the city. 

A large number of Shenzhen enterprises in high-end marine equipment, marine electronic information, marine biomedicine and other related fields are presenting their wares at the expo, which runs until Thursday. 

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Cruise and yacht tourism ready to set sail

Hong Kong has a Cruise Terminal at Kai Tak designed by Norman Foster that testifies to the challenges facing the development of a cruise and yacht industry in the GBA. But the upside potential is there, says Kara Yeung. It just needs better coordination among tour operators, retail partners, and the governments of the GBA cities. This fits into Hong Kong’s capabilities.

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Land-use plan focuses on tech, marine industries

Guangdong has released a three-year masterplan for land use, which focuses on industrial upgrading and the development of a marine industry. Plenty of land will be made available for expansion of the hi-tech zones (in each city), industrial parks (many in each city), and industry clusters (such as Nanshan in Shenzhen or Songshan Lake in Dongguan). Moreover, speed will be of the essence in this plan, which will “encourage” bidders to submit construction plans before they have even taken part in land auctions.

As for the marine-industry plan, the provincial government has high ambitions for how its surrounding waters will be utilized for economic and social development. Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Jiangmen – yes, that’s right, Jiangmen, with a long coastline next to Macau – will be designated special nodes for the development of the industry.

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Guangdong boosts marine industry

Being a coastal province, and being China’s richest province, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Guangdong’s “marine industry” – basically, everything related to an ocean-based economy – is the country’s biggest.

For the 24th year in a row, in fact, Guangdong has again been pronounced No. 1 in this industry. It contributed RMB1.93 trillion to the province’s economy last year, up 9% over 2017, accounting for nearly one-fifth of total GDP.

Services are more important than light and heavy industries in the marine economy, and are growing faster overall. However, some standouts include the oil and gas industry (+23.3% in 2018), chemicals (+13%), and power (+12.5%). Offshore wind power projects are looking particularly promising, with six completed and 31 others under planning. Mining, biomedicine, and seawater utilization are also gaining support.

Tourism is growing the fastest, with offshore islands recently being opened to development. In a plan that runs from 2017 to 2030, 167 non-residential islands were included in the total of 196 islands open to development.Read more in Chinese.