‘Car city’ set to open in Shenzhen

Ever wondered why you can’t shop for a car the same way you can for a sofa, i.e., by wandering around the motoring equivalent of an IKEA? Now you can, with the imminent opening in Shenzhen of the Guangming International Automobile City.

At the end of the month, the first phase of the new project is set to open in Shenzhen’s Guangming district. It is being billed as an “industry + commerce + cultural tourism” park, where car showrooms exist amid a wide range of other attractions and where a family can spend a few hours, if not a day.

The entire project includes 274,000 sqm of floorspace, supported by 684,000 sqm of green space for outdoor and leisure activities. The first phase will be only one-fifth of what will eventually be built, but it will consist of high-end “4S stores” – for sales, service, spares and surveys – and apartments. The second phase will include “car e-commerce,” facilities, cultural and leisure attractions, themed lifestyle neighborhoods, business hotels, corporate offices, and park services. These should all be completed over the course of next year.

Once built out, the new park is expected to account for 20% of all car-related sales in Shenzhen, generating 20 billion yuan in annual revenues for the companies based there.

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